Black Magic Removal in Islam

Black Magic Removal in Islam

In Urdu:

Black Magic Removal Agar koi shaks pa kali jado ka asarat ho, to wo ya amal 07 din k alia kare Inshallah allah owsy kali jadu sa nijaat dila dega.


11 martaba Darood  parhy.
Per “YA MUMMET-O” (Allah name) 7000 martaba rozana parhy.
Pani pa dam kr ka yahe pani pina ha 7 din tk au res pani ko normal pani ma mix kar do.

In English:

If someone was effected by black magic, in Islam there is a 07 days amal for the removal of black magic, Inshallah do this amal very soon a cure from black magic.

How to perform:

Recite 11 time Darood.
Then read “YA MUMMET-O” (Allah name) 7000 time every day.
Do a dum (Blow) on water and drink drink this water for 07 days you can also mix that water with normal water.

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