Black Magic Removal in Islam

In Urdu:

Black Magic Removal Agar koi shaks pa kali jado ka asarat ho, to wo ya amal 07 din k alia kare Inshallah allah owsy kali jadu sa nijaat dila dega.


11 martaba Darood  parhy.
Per “YA MUMMET-O” (Allah name) 7000 martaba rozana parhy.
Pani pa dam kr ka yahe pani pina ha 7 din tk au res pani ko normal pani ma mix kar do.

In English:

If someone was effected by black magic, in Islam there is a 07 days amal for the removal of black magic, Inshallah do this amal very soon a cure from black magic.

How to perform:

Recite 11 time Darood.
Then read “YA MUMMET-O” (Allah name) 7000 time every day.
Do a dum (Blow) on water and drink drink this water for 07 days you can also mix that water with normal water.


Taweez For Remove Black Magic Problems in Your Life ,” Doing Black Magic leads to bad life at your last stage. But Knowing the reality of Black Magic still the people go in because of it and they harass other people therefore who has certainly not thought of the proceedings in their lifetime.

Black Magic Removal

Black Magic Removal

So to conclude the symptoms involving Black Magic only the verses of Kuran are going to be helpful. Our ancestors says in order to complete the Black Miracle reading of Ahad. Nama is quite useful. Read and Mix Ahad-Nama in water and the one who is suffering via Black Magic should be given this drinking water to drink for few days, 11 times And also make one Taveez involving Ahad-Nama and make those wear. Inshallah Black Magic are going to be cured.

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